Team Bear Fitness has one goal: helping the nation gain a healthier lifestyle!

We want people to enjoy exercise, to reach their goals and more importantly to help have a happier and healthier mind. Working with people that experience anxiety, depression and mental health issues or even if you just want to get that right mind set and lack confidence. Team Bear Fitness are professional Personal Trainers who have been through that hurdle and can relate to what you’re going through.

The benefits of sport and physical activity on our mental health are endless: improved mood, decreased chance of depression and anxiety, and a better and more balanced lifestyle.

All our Personal Trainers at Team Bear Fitness, have experienced some of these barriers in life, and have faced and fought this through sport.

At Team Bear Fitness we teach small classes of 6 and 1-2-1 personal training sessions, which are away from a gym environment to help with growing your confidence or encouraging a happy mind. 

  • Improved mood – Studies show that physical activity has a positive impact on our mood. One study asked people to rate their mood after period of exercise (i.e. walking or gardening) and after inactivity (i.e. reading a book). Researchers found that people felt more awake, calmer and more content after physical activity. For more information and a link to the study
  • Reduced stress – Being regularly active is shown to have a beneficial impact on alleviating stress. It can help manage stressful lifestyles and can help us make better decisions when under pressure. Research on working adults shows that active people tend to have lower stress rates compared to those who are less active.
  • Better self-esteem – Physical activity has a big impact of our self-esteem – that’s how we feel about ourselves and our perceived self-worth. This is a key indicator of mental wellbeing. Those with improved self-esteem can cope better with stress and improves relationships with others.
  • Depression and anxiety – Exercise has been described as a “wonder drug” in preventing and managing mental health. Many GPs now prescribe physical activity for depression, either on its own or in conjunction with other treatments. It is effective at both preventing onset of depression and in terms of managing symptoms.

Get in touch with Team Bear Fitness today and let us help you to realise your own potential!


KatePersonal Training Pricing

1 session @ £45
3 sessions @ £129
5 sessions @ £200
10 sessions @ £350

Class Pricing

£7 per class
6 classes for £30

Workout Programmes

All designed to suit your needs - at home or the gym.
8 week programme £45

Monthly membership to Team Bear Fitness

1.Starter Bear membership:
1 x personal training session a week.
2 x classes a week.
Workout Programme tailored to your goals.
Full support and guidance on your journey.

2. Beast Bear membership:
2 x personal training session a week.
2 x classes a week.
Workout Programme tailored to your goals.
Full support and guidance on your journey.

Legs, Bums and tums class every Thursday @ 7pm
45 minute sessions Tone your thighs, build a peachy bum and have a flatter tum. Weights, bands and body weighted exercises to tone up your lower body.

HIIT Sunday @10:30
High Intensity Interval Training 45 minute sessions
Burn calories while having fun. Free weights, battle ropes, cardio abs body weighted exercises are completed for a number sets, working time with a set rest time.