"I started Team Bear as I wanted to create an 'anti-negativity brand' whose message was to focus on the positives in life, inspiring people to show acts of kindness. It’s about enjoying every day and not focusing on what others do or look like, but to focus on yourself, your loved ones and to help those in need." Richard Rogers, Founder

Are you Team Bear?

We show the world more positive news and create amazing events to raise money for good causes, inspiring current and future generations to do the same.

When you become part of Team Bear it expresses who you are: fighting back, proud to help others, tired of listening to all the negativity the media feeds us and instead showing the world your own acts of kindness. All the while you will be inspiring others to do the same.

When we raise awareness and money to these ends then we are all winning! We show all the positivity and highlight acts of kindness shown by all, while raising money ourselves and helping other charities to do the same.

Whether it’s healthy eating, exercise, doing a good deed, feeling more confident, overcoming personal struggles or just generally feeling more content, Team Bear and our vibrant activewear line supports this.

Aim for progress, not perfection!

Why the bear? The bear is a symbol of strength, power and endurance. In native folklaw they used to call upon the bear in times of self-doubt. When the power of the bear was invoked they believed it gave them inner strength, fearlessness and the confidence to help themselves or others. They entrusted that the bear would show them how to overlook minor problems and appreciate the beauty of life. We believe Team Bear mirrors these beliefs.

Team Bear wants to help you!

We are constantly involved in raising money for charities that are close to our heart. This is through organised events and donating 10%of each item sold from all Team Bear merchandise

It’s time to bring out your bear from within... be your kind of perfect, real life with no filters.