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New website coming soon!

Inspiring The Nation To Show Acts Of Kindness

Real Life No Filters

Whatever Your Background, We Will Help You Be The Best You Can Be,While Donating Part Of Our Profits To Worthwhile Causes.

Aim For Progess Not Perfection

We Believe Every Step You Take No Matter How Small Is a Step Closer To Achieving Your Goals. As Long as We Are Persistent In Our Pursuit we will continue To Grow.

Are You Team Bear?

We at Team Bear Believe In Focusing On The Positives In life And Inspiring People To Show Acts Of Kindness,We Are An Anti-Negativity Brand Inspiring People To Overcome Any Personal Struggles Or Confidence Issues.

Proudly Supporting YPACF

We Are Delighted To Announce  That We Are Now Supporting YPACF(young people & children first).

Helping to Home Young Homeless People and Those Leaving Care, and to Provide Support Helping Them to Develop Vital Life Skills.